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One of the most important features of any home is the flooring that you choose for your living room. Whether your old living room flooring is outdated or looks unwelcoming, you can change it with a new living room flooring.

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In the article, I will show you the basics of how to find good living space flooring. With the advances in flooring technology, there is a vast array of flooring options for every home.

How to find the perfect flooring for your home?

  • Durable Option

First of all, look for a flooring material that is durable and easy to clean. If you have pets, choose a material that doesn’t require too much scrubbing. In this case, your living space floor coverings can have water resistant and stain resistance features to protect them from water damage and spills that cause stains. 

  • Climate

Where you live will also determine the type of flooring you must select. For example, in warm climates choose a flooring material that does not buckle or warp when temperatures drop. This means flooring options like concrete, porcelain tile, and vinyl tile are high on the list. But bamboo and hardwood floors.

  • Living Room Design

Most people would sacrifice their own personal taste for popular living. They would rather choose the high-end look to follow what is currently in vogue. However, it is important that the living room floor is not only a beautiful choice but also a comfortable one since you would use it for a very long time. 

In the end, it is your choice whether you want to settle for natural beauty, modern style, or eclectic options for your living room design such as geometric patterns and checkboard patterns.

  • Flooring Colors

Another factor to consider when choosing living room floors is color. Color is an important element since you are going to see your living room floor on a daily basis. 

It is important that the floor reflects your furniture, but it should also be in sync with your personality and preferences. You can even choose different colors for the walls and the floor if you would like to create sophisticated contrast. 

For example, you can choose a type of floor with a classy and subtle palette using neutral colors such as cool tones, brown tones, or gray floors. Or you can go for a splash of color using assorted colors of bold colors, darker colors, and other paint colors. 

  • Comfort

When choosing a living floor that will hopefully last years, it must be a comfortable option. Select a flooring type that gives the feeling of warmth underfoot such as carpets. But if you put more weight in choosing a highly durable floor type like concrete which is cool underfoot, that’s fine. You can always install underfloor heating to combat the cold feeling.

  • Budget

Let’s not forget about the budget. Often how much you can afford matters a lot when choosing a living room flooring. Whether you go for the popular option or the affordable option, it is better to choose a floor that is durable and works well in the room you live in.

Installation is also something you need to consider when choosing living room floors. You need the proper tools and the necessary skills to install your new living space floor. If you do not have any experience, it is better to seek professional help for any type of flooring installation.

9 Living room flooring ideas

There is a wide selection of living room flooring options to choose from. But while going to a flooring store can help you find what you need, it may not give you a hint on what will work best for your house.

Here are some flooring types that might work best for you

  1. Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are the most durable type of flooring in the market. They are usually made using ground aggregate, portland cement, and fine aggregate. The process of making concrete floors is very simple yet takes a long time to finish. 

It is also very expensive since they are hand-made in small batches. Concrete flooring is also highly functional for living rooms because it can withstand high traffic volumes with ease. 

  1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are made using the process of milling and kilning natural wood. Even though they are more expensive than other floor types, real hardwood floors are durable and last for a very long time. They can also handle high traffic volumes with ease because they are made with the same materials used in building structures. 

They last for decades without any problem. They can withstand heavy use by pets and children, making them an ideal type of living room flooring option. You can choose different types such as engineered wood or solid wood flooring, as well as patterns from dark wood floor, classic wood, distressed wood, and soft wood. 

  1. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor is a popular choice for living room flooring because they are low maintenance and easy to clean. They are also durable and can withstand heavy abuse by pets, children, and even everyday use. With the help of modern technology, vinyl floors can also be engineered to be stain resistant or water resistant. 

You can choose different types of patterns like checkerboard patterns, geometric patterns, and checkered floors. They are also offered in an array of colors like tan colored flooring option.

  1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring trends are changing from time to time. In fact, there are multiple types of laminate floors available in the market. Using laminate flooring for the living room is the best way to provide that elegant look at a very affordable price. 

You can choose different types of wood-imitating or stone-imitating patterns while still providing the durability of laminate flooring material. You can also choose waterproof laminate flooring to increase its durability. They are also easy to install and you can DIY it yourself. 

  1. Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring can be seen in almost any house. It is a very popular option for living room flooring because it is very versatile and can provide that natural look many people prefer. Natural stone flooring types to choose from include granite, travertine, quartzite, slate, limestone, sandstone, and marble flooring. 

You can also choose traditional-looking natural stone flooring in a variety of colors and patterns. You can even add a touch of modern style using an array of colors such as black, white, gray, and bronze in the flooring.

  1. Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is a great choice for living room flooring because it can provide the same look as natural stones as well as durability. A ceramic tile also provides a polished look to the floors while still giving them a natural look. The process of making ceramic tiles involves glazing and glazing, which makes the tiles more durable and easier to install.

  1. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an eco-friendly flooring option made of natural materials. It’s also a great choice for living room spaces because bamboo is easy to install requiring little or no professional help. Bamboo flooring is also easy to maintain. It does not need waxing or polishing and can last for years without fading if properly maintained.

  1. Carpet Tiles Flooring

Carpet tiles flooring is a type of flooring that can be seen in many homes. It’s a modern way to add an interesting look to the living room because its carpet fibers provide a unique texture and pattern, not to mention the plush comfort of carpet underfoot.

There are carpet trends that offer many different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. The carpet tiles are also durable enough to withstand wear and tear in the living room flooring spaces. There are waterproof carpets and stainproof carpets. Carpets can be installed over hardwood flooring for an even more luxurious look. Carpet tiles are also durable, easy to install, and can last for years without fading or peeling.

  1. Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is a type of flooring that is made of natural materials such as cork and linseed oil, which allows it to be easily recycled and biodegradable. Linoleum tile flooring is a popular choice for living room flooring because it can provide a realistic look to homes. It can be installed easily without the need for professional intervention. It is also durable and does not require any maintenance.

Final thoughts

There are many types of flooring that make it a difficult decision to make. However, choosing the right living room flooring doesn’t have to be hard if you know what type of flooring will work best for your home. Most flooring types can be expensive and difficult to install. So, decide wisely and consult a professional before choosing the living room flooring type that you need.

It can help you ensure that an important part of your home is always in good condition and won’t be difficult to maintain. We hope this article on living room flooring ideas will give you a bit of idea on your options before you decide.

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