Things to know before getting acacia flooring

There are many different types of flooring that one can use as an option in their home, but few are as versatile and durable as acacia flooring. It is a great choice for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly and durable flooring option. Find out more about these benefits, why it is important to use this type of flooring, and some acacia floor buying tips.

Acacia heterophylla wood size

# What is acacia flooring?

Acacia flooring is a hardwood material that provides great benefits to users when used correctly. It is a material that can be installed in a variety of different ways. It is durable and has an attractive appearance, which makes it perfect for any home. Acacia is one of the most environmentally-friendly hardwood species that are available today.

The acacia tree is a very fast-growing tree that will produce wood quickly in order to begin producing seeds for the next generation. Acacia trees are well-known for being substituted in areas where there are limited resources. 

The African countries of Sudan and Senegal have been able to use this type of tree species to help prevent desertification and soil erosion. Acacia tree wood comes in two types, with the most common types being yellow or white. Yellow acacia is a very golden and yellow-colored wood, whereas white acacia wood has a more grey hue to it. 

This type of hardwood has been used for hundreds of years in Africa, South America, and Australia as a material for flooring.

When considering the use of acacia flooring it is important to note that this material has a very distinct look to it in terms of appearance.

# How acacia wood flooring is made?

Acacia flooring is made through a process called “de-barking”. This process essentially consists of using a belt sander to strip the bark from the wood. The next step in the process is to take a heavy, wet steel plate and hammer down on it repeatedly until it flattens out.

In order for this wooden flooring option to dry out properly, it needs to be heated up at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When making acacia flooring, power tools are not typically used- instead manual labor is relied upon by workers in order to create sheets of veneer that will eventually end up as one piece of finished acacia wood flooring.

Acacia is not just a flooring material that can be installed in simple ways, there are other types of ways as well with this material. It can be installed to create wall panels, also known as “paneling”. 

For this situation veneers or sheets are stacked on top of each other, then glued together. It can also be used in order to build a molded piece of furniture. An acacia hardwood floor project is very durable and will last for many years if properly maintained and cared for.

# Why should you consider acacia flooring for your home?

Acacia flooring is a good choice for many reasons. It is durable and versatile in terms of installation options. It’s also an environmentally friendly option due to how quickly the tree grows and how often it is used in countries where resources are limited.

Acacia wood will remain a beautiful and radiant floor for many years with proper care. Make sure you are aware of what aspects are important to consider before choosing acacia flooring for your home. Below are acacia wood flooring pros and cons to help you decide. 

# What to consider when choosing acacia flooring?

There are many different things to consider before choosing acacia flooring for your home before you start talking with an acacia hardwood floor dealer. 

Distinct and Classy

Acacia has a beautiful and distinctive look that is both classy, yet also rustic. Acacia wood has been used for centuries to create furniture and other objects that are meant to last. The tree’s wood is hard, so it is used for heavy furniture items such as dining tables. Acacia wood is also often used to make frames and decorative objects. A good piece of acacia will feel hard and solid; a bad one will be soft and floppy.


Acacia flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 1750. This makes it a good choice for those who need solid and durable flooring. It offers great resistance to regular foot traffic, meaning it is unlikely damaged when regularly walked on by large numbers of people. 

Water Resistance

Acacia flooring is also water-resistant and is a great option for pets. It’s a natural hardwood, so it resists scratches and stains, unlike other woods such as cherry that have to be refinished often. With pets around the house, your wood floor is sure to get scratches and other damages if it’s not water-resistant. Even though acacia is hardwood, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely scratch-proof. It is naturally moisture resistant and can stand-alone even in a bathroom or kitchen without needing any refinishing for many years.

Many Options

Acacia flooring comes in many color variations such as chocolate brown, rusty reds, off-whites, and golden yellows. It’s also available in widths and measurements of varying degrees. 

For the surface appearance of your floor, you can choose from a variety of options including rustic hand scraped acacia engineered hardwood flooring and other grain patterns such as a basket-weave floor pattern. 

Depending on what you want to spend, you can select between materials like solid acacia, engineered wood, and laminate.


These floors are environmentally friendly because they are made from a sustainable resource. The acacia tree grows in the arid climates of Africa, and the flooring is sourced from trees that have been harvested by local villagers and workers. 


This is one of the most versatile flooring options out there. It’s easy to install, but it’s also durable and environmentally friendly.

# The disadvantages of acacia flooring

Acacia will bring elegance to any room and there is no denying its lasting value to a home, however, acacia as flooring also has some flaws just like any other flooring option. Here are some acacia flooring problems we gathered from our own experience as well as from other users.

Short Planks

Due to the wood planks being from a tree called acacia, the plank sizes are expectedly short, usually less than 4 feet. This means you will need more planks to cover a larger area. 

Heavy Impact Damage

Although stronger than other floor types, acacia floors might not be able to withstand heavy impacts and will definitely leave a small mark. 

Warp and Buckling

Acacia floors are prone to buckling especially when the wood is damp. They also have a tendency to warp if the wood is too dry. In fact, I have a beautiful acacia floor, and I had to apply a wood floor thinner on it because the top layer has become slightly warped.

Pale Color

Some people complained that the color of the acacia flooring they purchased is paler than expected, especially if the wood is not air-dried before installation. 


Acacia wood floors are a bit expensive and will cost around USD 6-8 per square foot but can vary depending on the supplier. 

Although its price is higher when compared to many other hard floors or those made from the wood of native tree species, they last longer and look better than hardwood floors.  They’re not cheap, but they don’t need to be refinished often.

# What options of acacia flooring are available?

1. Acacia Engineered Wood flooring

Hand scraped acacia engineered hardwood flooring is a type of flooring that has been built through industrial engineering processes. This type of wood flooring can be found in homes that have pooling of water at the bottom of their floors. The humidity created by this type of floor helps to combat mold and bacteria growth in the home.

2. Solid Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia solid wood flooring is a type of floor that is made up of natural wood planks. The plank sizes vary, but the nails and spikes attach the planks together to provide structure for the hardwood floor. When compared to other types of acacia flooring, solid hardwood floors can cost more than engineered wood floors because they are made from all-natural materials. These floors are also not as resistant to moisture as engineered hardwood floors and will likely require refinishing after time. 

3. Laminate Acacia Wood Flooring

There is another option, Laminate acacia hardwood floors are a type of flooring that has been built through manufacturing processes. It is created by combining a replica of acacia on solid wood. The pieces of each individual board are designed to look like solid hardwood floors. However, instead of being solid wood, it is manufactured using a combination of hardwood or engineered wood with a layer of polyurethane (or other) resin-based laminate.

# How much installation costs for acacia flooring?

An acacia wood floor can be installed by anyone. But a professional installation service will save you time and effort. The installation cost of acacia flooring is about $800 for a 3600 square foot home. The prices of acacia flooring will differ depending on the location and how much installers charge in the area, so always go for a reasonably priced installation service. 

Although there are many flooring installation professionals, you may choose to install your own floor. The DIY approach is most appropriate if you’re tight on funds or have some experience with the process.

When you want to install an acacia flooring, consider a click together floating floor since it is easier to assemble and can be installed over existing floors.

You can also opt for a site-finished flooring of prefinished solid-wood and engineered wood floors since they are DIY-friendly.

# Final thoughts

Acacia hardwood flooring has been found to be one of the top types of floors in homes around the world because it doesn’t cost very much to install and it does not pose any health risks, unlike other materials. 

Acacia is hardwood, so it is heavy and it will have a lasting value throughout time. This is one of the strongest and most durable flooring materials ever used. To put it simply, acacia flooring will last more than 50 years if properly maintained. Are you still not convinced? There are tons of acacia wood flooring reviews online that you can check out.

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